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We are Bastion’s Wake


Based out of Delaware, Bastion’s Wake has come on to a music scene saturated with dad shorts, and brought back the magic and theatre of a live show. With dipping into every style of music, lights, and video shows, they pour every ounce of creativity they can muster into to everything they do.

Their first album, the cinematic expose, Sea Creatures and Sky Pirates, introduces their ground breaking interpretation of a new genre of metal; cinematic metal.

Combining soaring vocals, harmonic and sometimes heavy guitar, melodic synths, orchestral instruments, and fairy tale-like story telling, there’s something for everyone in a Bastion’s Wake set.


Vocals / ėVė
Lead Guitar, Throat Singing / Derelith October
All composition, arrangements, and instrumental performances by ėVė and Derelith October



Summer Solstice Tour 2019

June 14-16th with We Are Sentinels